Session 4


By this time you should have a good understanding of what ingredients you need throughout the year to ensure you can keep your pantry full, you will also start to appreciate the value of monitoring your lifestyle demands vs your desire for healthy eating,and appreciate which new foods you can incorporate into your life on a regular basis taking into account the seasons.

Plant based foods - nourishing your winter spirit. Seasonal foods serve a purpose, we look at the winter foods which will sustain us.

Foods to last. We look at ways of storing those essential foods to get us through the colder months: preserves, dehydrating, freezing, pickling. Demo with Dyhydrator. You can make it! Kombucha to mustard.

We look at the Spice world and how to make the ‘boring’ taste incredible! - spices are an essential part of the plant based diet. Taste and sample session.

We look at the foods which have a specific purpose in your diet: the benefit of pickles, good Omega oil rich foods like flaxseed, chia and the health benefts of micro greens, the acid, the bitter and the pungent, the warming, the moist.

We review our discussion from previous sessions regarding personal food preferences and personal dispositions. We look at your preferences for the hot,cold, spicy, sweet, moist, dry and venture into the ancient world of Ayurveda with your diet in mind.

Weekly Food Plan: We discuss and draw up practical daily food plans specific to you and your lifestyle. The objective being that you can implement healthy food habits with maximum effect and ease.

What’s Cooking? I cook some vegan and vegatarian dishes, and you taste and take home samples. You receive recipes for all the foods covered in this session plus more.

You will receive email recipes after the session.

We make time for any of your questions.

At the close of this final session you should be confident to buy, cook and plan on a weekly if not daily basis for yourself and your family or friends. I hope you have the enthusiasm to maintain your plant based diet through the winter and look forward to a new season of sessions in the Spring.

Kernel Foods

My stall at the Ohoka Farmers Market operates for 20 weeks of the year every Friday. You can purchase the vegan, vegetarian, gluten free from me.