Session 3

Yes you can enjoy the vegan gluten free baking!

This is a useful course in understanding how the wheat free flours work best and what animal replacers work well with them. We will dispel any negative myths about gluten free baking, trust me. It tastes great and can be nutritious too!

I go over the tricks and trustworthy methods used to make gluten free (wheat free) baking, condiments and meals that taste really good and some are vegan too.

We will discuss some wheat based recipes and look at ways of converting them to the gluten free or dairy free way without compromising on quality or taste.

Flours; We meet the many that are gluten free and ancient and discuss how to use them in your baking.

We look at the role fruits or veges play in keeping gluten free baking moisture and texture do able.

The Sprouted Wheat free Vegan Bread - I make, you taste and you get the recipe!

Animal Replacers: We look at the Egg replacers, and the good oils and the animal fat replacements without compromising on quality of the taste or structure.

‘The Mylk Alternatives’; we look at replacing animal milk with the plant based milks. Just how dependent are you on dairy? We make an Almond Milk.

Crepes and pancakes and Breakfast options - the versatility of the wrap and all the fillings!

We look at other ingredients which are part of our plant eating diets; Omega 3 rich foods, Seiten and fake meats, nutritional yeast.

Condiments - essential to the plant based meal. We look at how to make our own plant based ones.

What’s Cooking? I cook some vegan and vegetarian dishes, and you taste and take home samples. You receive recipes for all the foods covered in this session plus more.

You bottle up your brew of Kombucha and take it home. BYO Bottle please.

You will receive email recipes after the session.

At the end of this session you should leave with a sound base from which to explore the world of gluten free grains and be confident in converting some wheat based recipes to gluten free and vegan.