What we eat on a daily basis has the power to change everything! Now you have had a week coming to grips with more plants in the diet you can now prepare for a more serious transition to a plant based diet.

The Transition; An open discussion about your diet and or your families as it is now and how you can easily modify it to incorporate the EASY transition to including more plants in your ‘traditional’ all time favourite meals.

We discuss preferences for food and how what you eat can be influenced by your lifestyle choices.

Creating good eating habits.

We look at meals that will keep a meat and sugar eater satisfied in the transition period! More than a meatless Monday!

We look at the animal protein myth and how you can ensure you get the good protein as a vegetarian and or vegan. This includes making a protein dense meal.

We look at the protein rich plant foods and the many easy ways to eat them.

The power of Brown Rice, micro algae, ferments and sprouts.

2nd Brain; they say this is your gut! We talk digestion. Is making the transition to eating more plants less meat and less dairy and easy one? It’s helpful to understand exactly which plants benefit your gut the most. The Acid or the Alkaline; understanding which foods and lifestyle factors play a major role in determining a good gut balance.

We make a starting brew of Kombucha and next week you bottle up a brew to take home!

Good Food Combinations: There is no one size fits all. We look at some of the best food combinations and the worst.

Sugars: We look at the different sugars you can use in cooking and the fruit alternatives.

We discuss how Fructose presents itself in the sugar fix dilemma and how we can pacify our sweet tooth.

Processed Foods: We all do it sometime! Often sugary too. We aim to avoid buying the processed as much as we can. So it maybe helpful to know which ones are better than others in those times when you do go for a packaged food item.

Oils: Know your Oil. Which ones are you better off using? Which ones should you avoid?

Sensible shopping: economical options and useful tips to know from organics, labels, bulk buying to where to buy it. We discuss the organic and non organic options and whats the difference.

What’s Cooking? I cook some vegan and vegetarian dishes, and you help and taste and take home samples. You receive recipes for all the foods covered in this session plus more.

You will receive email recipes after the session.

At the close of this session you should be able to determine what kind of foods you may need to consume in order to make the transition to a plant based diet easy on your body.

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