Useful information to know



  • We start on time so please arrive 15 minutes early

  • Please park in the allocated parking area

  • As the kitchen is located on our property please do not bring any pets

  • The Pocket is a private and working garden and you are invited to wander there during the sessions - but consideration of the plants,people and any animals, wildlife you may encounter is paramount.

  • The kitchen is a fully equipped freestanding building and all sessions will be held within.

  • Seasonally we may provide working garden activities such has harvesting veges for the sessions.

  • Toilet facilities are located in the main house therefore use of this is restricted to urgent use only!

  • The 2.5 hour sessions are an estimate, although it is unlikely to run over time it is possible the session could be shorter.

  • You will be seated on stools during the sessions and sample and taste and help out on occasion if you are willing.

  • You may be asked to bring a container to take home food we have made, this is detailed in each session.

  • If you book for one session or for all, full payment is required as a sign of commitment.

  • Because of the effort involved in implementing these sessions no refunds are given if you do not turn up. However, if you have to cancel for bad health or emergency reasons or in advance after confirmation you will under most circumstances receive a full refund.

  • Please do not wear open toed shoes or sandles for safety reasons.

  • If you have any allergies or serious health issues which may be affected by what you taste or cook with please let me know when you make your application to join a course.

  • Sessions may vary a little from exactly what is written here, but I doubt much.