The Pocket Garden Ohoka


Cooking class participants are invited to wander our wooded and working food gardens covering a 4 hectare block in Ohoka.

For close on 30 years we have been planting trees at The Pocket with the aim of creating a diverse, harmonious and sheltered environment. Today the garden is a symphony of birdsong both native and exotic, it includes extensive wooded areas, perennials, wildflowers, native plantings, fruit trees, walled courtyards, and the certified organic Frost Pocket vegetable growing areas.

Garden Tours:

If you would like to visit either the wooded garden or the organic growing garden please contact us below. Our open season is from Mid October to mid February. Visits are by appointment only and large groups are welcome but only if you travel by small mini bus. Entry fee is $10 per person. Please contact us with your request in the contact box below.


Frost Pocket Organics Vege Box

You can sign up for our seasonal vege box of organic greens, roots, fruits and herbs.

How it works:

We grow a range of organically grown veges that are available from mid to late Nov until approx July. Seasonal veges means you get what is in season and super fresh! So this may include any of the following at different times throughout the growing season plus anything special we happen to harvest from the food garden: asian greens, broccollini, spinach, mustard greens, rocket, salad mix, kale, dill, parsley, tarragon, keffir lime leaves, lemongrass, radish, lettuce, tomato, potato, garlic, globe artichoke,apples, plums, loquats, corn, pumpkin …

You ‘order’ a weekly box and pay $30 in advance (we will ask you for payment the week prior).

You collect either from our place in Ohoka on a Thursday or from the Ohoka Farmers Market on Friday morning.

If there is anything you do not want included in the vege box you can request we leave this out. Othewise we pack a standard selection of our food garden veges/fruits available at that time.

We also have a site at the weekly Friday morning farmers market in Ohoka. Usually the Frost Pocket is in attendance most of the year.

If you would like to sign up for a vege box then please provide us with your details below and we will be in touch when the growing season is in full swing.

I would love to receive a vege box - my name is *
I would love to receive a vege box - my name is