Session 1: Foundation Course Overview

Tuesdays 10.30am -1pm or Wednesdays 6pm - 8.30pm

Not just vegetables;

You will be introduced to the extensive range of ‘plants’ that you can eat from the grains to the roots. Discover which plants are the most adaptable.

Your plant based pantry; What essentials it should include. You will be provided with a list of essential ingredients to make the perfect pantry for plant based cooking. (This is an overview and individual ingredients which will be discussed in more detail over the coming workshops).

The significance of the seasonal and the green: Power in eating mostly greens! We talk about the seasonal foods available and you learn how make quick meals with more or mostly or all the greens.

This is not a diet; we discuss the transition you may be making from an animal based diet to a plant based one which includes discussion of the ‘transitional’ foods like fermented foods and why you need to consider them part of the plan.

Easy action plan: Bowl food: We look at easy and very impressive meals to feed others with an emphasis on the Bowl Foods: stir frys, noodle dishes, soups and the flavours of Asia. Using superb ingredients fresh from the local Church corner Asian market.

Plant protein or animal protein; we discuss the sources of the plant proteins and why you need to incorporate them in your diet with particular focus on the power of Brown Rice. The B12 factor.

Soy - Protein rich. Much maligned and misunderstood. Tempeh, Tofu, and their many uses in the plant based kitchen.

Blue Zone diets; what the longest living and healthiest people eat.

What’s cooking? I demonstrate cooking recipes with some assistance from you and you get to taste and take home samples, you also receive all the recipes covered in this session plus some more!

 You will receive an email containing the recipes after each session.

At the close of this session you should have a good idea on what to put in your pantry (you will receive a comprehensive pantry shopping list) and you will learn how to incorporate easy meals using green and colourful seasonal vegetables. This is a session which means to kick start your good plant based eating habits for the longer term for everyone you cook for.